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Greeley Hatworks - Classic Black

5 3/4” crown & 4 1/4” brim
2” leather hand reeded sweatband
1/4” self band with exclusive silver buckle.

Since 1909, Greeley Hat Works has been creating fine quality head wear, from traditional working cowboys' hats, to fashion forward cutting edge hats. The things they both have in common are that they are all built one at a time, by hand. When you pick up a hat built by Greeley Hat Works, you can feel the difference. It isn't made on an assembly line, but by the hands of a skilled hatter using tools and techniques that have been around since the 1800's. Not only are these hat made by skilled hatters, they are also made using only the finest materials, ensuring lasting quality and superior integrity. 

The 'Classic' is made with a European Hare blend that is comparable to other companies 15X hat.


WHEN ORDERING, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT AT CHECKOUT WITH YOUR DESIRED HAT SHAPE - If no shape is requested, it will ship open crown, flat brim.

Please allow 7 days for hats to be shaped before shipping.


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